UTE Trays

Allbars & Racks provide different range of racks to suit your vehicle, you can pick and choose from any of the accessories below which can be added to any of our Ute Trays. Whether you are a tradesman or just simply a ute lover we are able to install all types of accessories to ensure the best workability and safety to your vechicle.


Standard Ute

1Flush Headboard for ease of loading

1Flush Headboard for ease of loading

2Heavy duty hinges (includes replaceable nylon bush).

3Flush rear coaming.

4Over centre catch.

5Alloy mudguards.

6Full length alloy tie rails

776mm Satin Sports Bar (Full Length).

Budget Ute

160mm Satin Sports Bar (Full length)

160mm Satin Sports Bar (Full length).

2Mid ups.

3Flush Headboard for ease of loading.

4225mm dropsides.

5Tail lights.

6Over centre catch.

7Flush rear coaming.

8Alloy mudguards.

9Integrated tie rails.

Further Available Options

76mm Polished Style Rack with Removable Pins

Tool Box

76mm Polished Trade Racks with Welded Mesh

Welded Alloy Mesh

76mm Polished Style Rack with Mega Steps

Mega Steps

40 x 40 Steel Contoured Budget Ladder Rack

Cross Rail Window Protection

Alloy Checker Plate Floor

Modified Tonneau with Tool Box

Polished Tray with custom made Style Racks & Adaptor

Durable Heavy Duty front head board

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